Tiffany & Co.: Transforming New York With Their Paper Flowers Campaign


Preparing For The Paper Flowers Campaign

The company launched their latest campaign, Tifany Paper Flowers, in May of 2018. During this campaign, they also launched their latest jewellry collection, "Believe In Dreams", using their signature Blue color to transform various parts of New York City. In the months before their campaign, the company Took down their IG page and all other social media accounts appeared with a basic black and white theme.

As the campaign drew closer, they posted photos on the social media accounts with hints of Tifany Blue to give their followers a glimpse of what's to come. They also held a special performance for their fans, complete with a musical number and well-known actresses. Their larger than life campaign, became one of the biggest, much elaborate campaign released by tiffany nyc. To date. 

The Launch Of Paper Flowers 

With New York City being their birthplace, they wanted to incorporate the city into their campaign, bringing the campaign to life in the hustle and bustle of the big city. As the campaign launched, items all across the city got painted in Tifany Blue. Dozens of taxi cabs received a new look, along with coffee carts carrying specialty drinks and desserts, to boast their subtle Tifany blue finish. In addition, large buckets outside of popular Bodega's got painted blue and filled with long-stemmed white paper flowers.

More so, several sub way stations received a Tifany Blue makeover, handing out limited edition cards, while professional BMX riders and skateboards did tricks outside their flagship store, supporting Tifany Blue gear. As a final touch, the atlas clock at their flagship store, got replaced with a digital clock that gave people walking by a behind the scenes look into the campaign.